Sunset Song – en post-productionSunset Song – in post-production

Enfant, Chris se démarque de son milieu et de sa famille de par son esprit et son intelligence. Elle deviendra ensuite une belle jeune femme, qui voudra saisir les opportunités afin de vivre au delà des limites tracées par sa communauté. Mais ses espoirs seront rapidement terrassés. Chris et trois autres de ses frères et soeurs devront rester avec leur père pour gérer la ferme.


Terence Davies’ achingly beautiful script, inspired by Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s (1901-1935) acclaimed novel, follows from childhood, through motherhood to premature widowhood an incomparable central female character – Chris Guthrie. Her strength of character, never undermined by the tragic events of her life, offer a deeply compelling tale which is set against the majestic Scottish landscapes of the Aberdeen’s The Mearns and within a small, fictional and widely symbolic, rural community trying to forge a meagre living from an inhospitable land. All this takes place in the wake of the 20th Century a time of vast industrial change, devastation brought about by WWI and the Great Depression.