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The teaser of Bad Banks

A few weeks ago the filming of Band Banks ended. Six episodes are in the process of being finalised.


John Cusack joins the cast of Never Grow Old

John Cusack joins the cast of Never Grow OldJohn Cusack has joined the cast of Ivan Kavanagh's western Never Grow Old alongside Emile Hirsch and Deborah Francois.The film is produced…
Read More in shooting in shooting Last week, the shooting of ended in Ireland. Next week the crew will travel in Canada for a few days."" tells the story of Jake De…
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End of shooting for “18 -Clash of Futures”

End of shooting for "18 -Clash of Futures" After 3 months of filming in Luxembourg, Belgium and France, the fiction series "18 - CLASH OF FUTURES" (8 x 52 minutes)…
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The IRIS Group


Founded by Nicolas Steil in Luxembourg in 1986, Iris Group is now a leading society in the European cinematographic landscape, internationally active with production and distribution entities.

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Thanks to its subsidiaries in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and England, the Iris Group is now firmly established in the European film market.

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The IRIS Team

The various members of the company’s team, whether they live in Luxembourg, France or England, are actively working in groups for the success of Iris Group productions.

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Rezo Films is a French distribution company established in 1992 by Jean-Michel Rey. The company also includes a production subsidiary, Rezo Productions. The company has been part of the Iris Group since 2011.

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Co-producing with Iris Group

Co-producing with the Iris Group enables a producer to raise financing in the five European countries where our Group operates.

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Iris Productions, one of the leading production companies in Luxembourg…


Iris Films has a track record of more than 10 Belgian co-productions over the last 5 years…


The Iris Group has a strong French market presence in production and distribution…


Iris Productions Deutschland, based in Berlin but close to every Länder

United Kingdom

Iris Productions UK Ltd is based in London…

Producing in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy currently has an annual volume in audiovisual production which exceeds 75 Million Euros
and includes feature films, television dramas, animation, documentaries and also transmedia projects.


Luxembourg has complete technical teams, from production to post-production, as well as a national support fund for audiovisual and cinematographic creation, the Film Fund.

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Luxembourg has neither oceans nor high mountains, but the country offers an unusual variety of landscapes between the capital, forests, valleys, hills, rivers and castles.


Filmland gathers on a same location at Kehlen in Luxembourg:

more than 4000 m² of studios and 2 construction workshops
numerous production offices
post-production outfits at the edge of technology:
stimage and sound editing suites
mix auditoriums (with Atmos technology)
color grading studios (with 2 baselights)
visual effects facilities

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