Producing with IRIS GROUP in France

  • One of the biggest cinema industries in the world

  • Multiple public support schemes available and including CNC, regional funds, Procirep/Angoa, GAN…

  • Two tax credits: one for French films and the other for foreign productions (“TRIP”)

  • The offering the opportunity to access Pay TV (Canal+, Ciné+, OCS) and Free TV (France Télévision, Arte, Direct Cinéma etc.) pre-sales / co-productions

  • A major territory for theatre, DVD and VOD distribution, housing some of the best international sales agents

  • Structured financing solutions available through Sofica, TEPA funds and private investors

  • Financing outfits (Coficiné, Cofiloisirs and IFCIC) which specialise in financing production cash flow

  • The Iris Group has a strong French market presence in production and through Drimage and Rezo Productions and in distribution through Rezo Films, which has a track record for distributing/releasing nearly 200 titles.