Basé sur le roman de Tom Hillenbrand

Technical data

Country: Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 6x52min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions, Iris Films (BE);


We are in Europe, in a twenty-first century distant from several decades of the present time. European institutions have supplanted national states in terms of political, military and police power. The authority of the Union is exercised with a brutality that is difficult to control by a regulatory bureaucracy that wants to be legalistic and fussy. This world of the future is multipolar, unstable, wounded by wars, shaken by devastating attacks. Europe is one of the great powers among others, like Brazil, Korea, Japan. The climate change has materialized, worse than expected. The Netherlands is definitely under sea level and Brussels, place where the story unfolds, lives a subtropical monsoon difficult: overwhelming wet heat, continual rain.

Aart van Westerhuizen, 47, a former soldier, is a Commissioner of Europol, the European police with jurisdiction over the entire Union. He is assisted by Ava Bittmann, 33, a beautiful Israeli. Ava is a business analyst. As a result, she is Tereisias' interlocutor, says Terry, the central computer of the Union. Terry knows all the answers and manages the alternative realities in which a police investigator can move.