2. Financial Input which can be brought by a Luxembourgish coproducer

The Luxembourgish producer applies for the benefit of the AFS+ system with a project. The Film Fund will analyse the project on the basis of its long-term economical, cultural and social effects for Luxembourg and decide to give, or not, the green light.

The Luxembourgish producer must prove that the governmental subsidy enabled him to acquire a percentage of rights of the production that equals at least the percentage represented by the net AFS+ value with regard to the total production budget.

\’A clever combination of the two available schemes (AFS and AFS+), in addition to the own investment by the Luxembourgish company (own funds, facilities, minimum guarantees) will enable the Luxembourg co-producer to deliver an investment of between 30 to 40% of the total production budget and to invest up to €30m on a yearly basis on international co-productions.

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Grille AFS
Grille AFS
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