The Origins

The Iris Group managed by Nicolas STEIL, is an international production and distribution company with branches in Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The Group has a strong integrated structure with production capacity on an international level and a recognized distribution and world sales company (Rezo Films, managed by Jean-Michel Rey) makes the Iris Group a solid and long-lasting strategic player on the European cinematographic market.

The origin of the Group dates back to 1986 when Nicolas Steil set up Iris Productions S.A as one of the first production companies in Luxembourg. He co-produced success such as “Illégal” by Olivier Masset-Depasse selected at the Director’s Fortnight – Cannes Festival 2010 and “J’enrage de son absence” by Sandrine Bonnaire selected at the Critic’s Week – Cannes Festival 2012. Over the years, Nicolas STEIL produced and co-produced more than 35 films with French, Belgian, Swiss, Quebecker, Austrian, Italian, German and English partners.

The Iris Group comprises Iris Productions Deutschland in Germany, Iris Films in Belgium and Iris Productions UK. In 2011, the Iris Group acquired Rezo Films, a well-established distribution company in France for 20 years. Rezo Films recently released “Blancanieves” by Pablo Berger, recipient of 10 Goyas (including Best Film). Rezo Films also operates a production company, Rezo Productions, and a national sales outfit, Rezo Distribution.

In 2010, Iris Productions founded an animation studio in Luxembourg – Iris Studio – focused on the creation of feature films and animated films such as Pinocchio a film by d’Enzo D’Aló.

In 2014, Iris has completed the production of the Luxembourgish film “Baby(a)lone” by Donato Rotunno as well as the co-production “Disappeared in Winter” by Christophe Lamotte, starring Kad Merad and Géraldine Pailhas. In addition, Iris has co-produced “Sunset Song” from the British director Terence Davies, “Colonia” from Florian Gallenberger (Oscar winner for “Quiero Ser”) starring Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl as well as “The Dark Side of the Moon”, the adaptation of best seller by Martin Suter by Stephan Rick and starring Moritz Bleibtreu.

In 2015, Iris has completed the production “The Survivors”, directed by Luc Jabon, starring Fabrizio Rongione, Magritte winner Best Actor for “Deux jours, une Nuit, by the Dardenne brothers and Erika Sainte, who received the Magritte award “Meilleur Espoir Féminin” , in 2012.

Iris Productions is co-producing two series in 2017. “18 – Clash of Futures” is a fiction documentary that mixes fiction and archival images. The story is of Europe from 1918 to 1939 – between war and peace, hope and hate, democracy and totalitarianism. The 8 episodes are all directed by Jan Peter and Frédéic Goupil. Christian Schwochow directs “Bad Banks”. Pol Crutchten’s “” and Ivan Kavanagh’s “Never Grow Old” are being prepared. The first can be described as an environmental thriller and the second as a western with a North American and international cast. ​