The Luxembourg National Support Scheme for Audiovisual Production

The Luxembourg Film Fund is a public institution governed by the Ministry of Communications and Media. Its mission is to implement the government’s policy on cinematographic and audiovisual production; and to stimulate and develop of the Grand-Duchy’s industry in the sector. The Luxembourg Film Fund has an annual budget of around 30 Million Euros.

The Luxembourg Film Fund supports cinematographic and audiovisual creation and the industry’s development by awarding funds for the writing, development, production, and distribution of feature films, shorts, animation, and documentaries.

Co-production Financing:

The “AFS” or “Selective Finance Subsidy” is a refundable support scheme for the production of feature films. The national qualifying producer is required to apply to the Luxembourg Film Fund by initially submitting his project for the evaluation to the ‘Economic and Finance Committee’ and of the ‘Artistic Panel’ who report to the Executive Board and they take the final decision; normally given within three months of application deadline.

The Film Fund Luxembourg has five funding application deadlines each year.

AFS financing for feature films is capped at 1,7 Million Euros per project or 30% of the total film’s budget, and including producer’s fees, contingency and overheads. To qualify for AFS financing a project must score at least 100 points on the AFS Grid. The Grid analyses the particular production requirements and awards points accordingly for the engagement of Luxembourg qualifying, technicians, shooting days, shooting locations, etc.

Further the Luxembourg Film Fund can grant up to three additional bonuses, worth 100 000€ each, for the following elements:

€ 100.000 if the Luxembourgian producer has been involved since the development stage and is delegate or co-delegate producer.
€ 100.000 if the project scores more than 110 points in the AFS Grid.
€ 100.000 if 70% (+ 1 day) of the shooting days can be shot in Luxembourg and including  15% in the Great-Region (Wallonia, Lorraine, Sarre and Rhénanie-Palatinat): 55% + 15%.

Additional incentives are available for increased Luxembourgish content or creative participation:

  • 1 250 000 € if the director is Luxembourg resident and providing the project scores 125 points in the AFS Grid.
  • Another 250 000 € if the project scores 150 points in the AFS Grid.
  • Total AFS support must not exceed 90% of the total financing share of the Luxembourgian producer.
    The Luxembourgian producer is obliged to spend an amount equivalent of the grant received within the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Click here to download the AFS fiction grid: AFS Grid ENG

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