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President & CEO

Former professional experiences

After starting as a journalist in the written press, Nicolas Steil quickly moved into the audiovisual sector and joined RTL TV in 1983 as a reporter, anchorman of the news show then director-producer.

In 1988, he founded the first producers’ union in the Grand-Duchy (P.A.L.), which led him to participate, through talks with government authorities, in the setting up of Luxembourg’s audiovisual production double support scheme: the soft loan scheme (direct aid) on the one hand; the Audiovisual Investment Certificates (indirect aid) on the other.

On the international level, he joined the boards of several European Commission bodies in 1988-90 and became the Exclusive Legal Representative in the Grand-Duchy of International Copyright Collecting Agency, AGICOA. On behalf of it, he negotiates the payment of the appropriate rights with cable-operators, through the Luxemburgish structure of Agicoa- Algoa, over which he presides.

At the beginning of 1991, he was appointed General Manager of European scheme EURO AIM, in charge of helping finance and market European audiovisual productions. As such, he orchestrated the financing and sales on the international marketplace of more than 3,000 independent productions. In 5 years, Euro Aim was able to federate throughout 59 markets a network of 9,000 producers from 18 European countries with as many national antennas; to gather a Buyers’ Club of 60 TV channels and a Financiers’ Club of 70 investing groups.

Since 1997, he’s Secretary General of the Luxemburgish Film Producers’ Union (ULPA), and as such continues to negociate with the authorities to further develop the Luxemburgish film industry.

In 1997, he goes back to producing with Iris Productions and produces fiction and animated films as well as documentaries (about twenty productions so far).

In 2008, after 5 years of preparation and research, he directs his first feature film “REFRACTAIRE”. He co-wrote the screenplay with the luxembourgish scriptwriter Jean-Louis Schlesser.

The film depicts the initiatory journey of a young man poised to become an adult in a month’s time with all the responsibilities this implies. This catharsis happens in such a short lapse of time because of the tragic events he is going through and during which his behaviour can be considered heroic, even though nothing seemed to predestine him to be a part of the myth he is going to personify.

Iris Productions

Concurrently, he continued to fulfill his representative duties, first of all at the national level within the Luxembourg Audiovisual Producers Union (ULPA), of which he is General Secretary; and as such he took part in the setting up of the new Audiovisual Support Law which was ratified in 1998 for 10 years.

At the international level, in 1999 he formed, for the needs of AGICOA’s representation in the Grand-Duchy, an autonomous entity, the Luxembourg Audiovisual Rights Collection Association (ALGOA) of which he is President and Legal Representative. The latter’s mission is to negotiate and collect « cable rights » in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and distribute them to AGICOA’s right holders.

Finally, Nicolas Steil directed five plays in the Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg (TOL) :

Some other activities

Theater plays:

Title Function Author
Central Park West 2007 Director Woody Allen
Table Rase 2005 Director Jean-Louis Schlesser
L’Affaire Suberville 2004 Author and Director Nicolas Steil
La Jeune Fille et la Mort 2003 Director Ariel Dorfman
Combat 2001 Director Carlos Batlle Jordà


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