directed by
Nicolas Steil


Henri Roanne-Rosenblatt, auteur du roman Le cinéma de Saül Birnbaum
Michel Fessler


Simon Abkarian
Pascale Arbillot
Django Schrevens
André Jung
Michel Vuillermoz
Eric Caravaca
Tania Garbarski
Héléna Noguerra
Roxane Duran
Nathalie Laroche
Mathilda May
Brigitte Fossey

Technical data

Language: French, English
Country: France, Belgium
Duration: 100min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions (LU) - Iris Films (BE)
Edgard Tenembaum, Gérard Lacroix - Tu Vas Voir (FR)
Belga Productions - Fabrice Delville (BE)
Distribution: Rezo Films - France


Saul Birnbaum was a hidden child torn away from his parents by the Kindertransport at six years old and shipped from Vienna to Brussels.
In 1986, Saul is now on the path to resilience, reinventing his life. He has opened a one-of-a-kind deli where the art of cinema truly takes centre stage – like a film set where the action never stops. As an aspiring film producer, Saul has found a protégé in a young Chilean director who fled Pinochet’s dictatorship and wants to tell the story of Saul’s childhood.
Then love comes knocking on Saul’s door and forces him to confront his past.