directed by
Dominique de Rivaz


Tomas Lemarquis
Dominique Jann
Joel Basman

Technical data

Year: 2007
Language: German
Country: Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Duration: 100min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Cab Productions (CH)
Distribution: Iris Productions (Luxembourg)
Filmcoopi (Suisse)
SSR-SRG (Suisse)
Arte (France-Allemagne)

Awards and festivals

Prix du meilleur Long-métrage au Festival du Film Européen Du Grain à Démoudre à Gonfreville-Orcher - France - 2008

Compétition Officielle, Festival Augenblick (5e Edition) - France -2008
Présenté au Festival de Locarno dans la section "D'ici et Ailleurs" (61e Edition) - Switzerland - 2008
Festival de Cambridge - United Kingdom - 2008
Sélection Officielle Filmschau Großregion Saarbrücken - Germany - 2008
Sélection Officielle Alexandria Film Festival - Spain - 2008


Looking for easy money, three young dropouts auction themselves on the Internet: one sells his future, one sells his past and the third one his soul...

In Hamlin, an imaginary German city, three young outcasts squat an abandoned greenhouse. To avoid the hazards of poverty, they have taken on survival jobs: Moritz lends his body to the pharmaceutical industry, Liocha sells his sperm and Filou walks the dogs of the rich. One day, when Filou takes the dog Google back to the Internet Café, he has an idea: since everything can be sold on Internet auction sites, including clouds, why not sell oneself? The three likeable schemers offer to the highest bidder that which they deem no longer necessary: the Russian boy Liocha sells his childhood memories, eternally provocative Moritz sells his remaining years and Filou, the dreamer of the trio, sells his soul. What was meant as a game turns sour when Lila, the pretty employee of Money Logistics, brings them money at the greenhouse. All three of them make the bitter experience that it is better never to get rid of the small things in life. While the bids are soaring, between virtual wealth and genuine poverty, Filou is caught in his own trap and cuts himself off more and more from everybody and everything, feeling increasingly estranged with the world and himself.